HK&P Ireland is the first office
of HK&P International outside of
mainland Europe. Opened in 2018,
HK&P Ireland aims to address the
needs of the international fund
services community in Ireland.

Being part of HK&P International, the full HK&P team will work as one, with the aim of bringing the most suitable skills to each project, servicing their international clients and local fund service providers in Ireland.

The daily management of HK&P Ireland Investment Management Services is formed by Darragh Mulcahy (Country Manager and Director), Joseph Harrigan (Director).

Darragh Mulcahy

Darragh most recent role has been as lead BA for Alternative investments at APG Asset management, prior to this he served as Head of Risk and Compliance at Crossroads Capital Management Limited and also CitiBank, where he managed the Distribution Management team.
He started his career on a graduate program within Brown Brothers Harriman. Darragh have also worked with Citco Bank Nederland, set up the trading department in Amsterdam and had day-to-day management of a team of traders. He has over 15 years’ experience in Financial services.

Joseph Harrigan

Joseph Harrigan is an American with significant international experience and over 20 years’ experience in senior asset management roles. Joseph has worked for British, American and European firms in Paris, London, Brussels and Dublin including European Commission. Joseph is currently a Professor of Practice in Finance at Queen’s University Belfast. He is also a board member of CFA Society Ireland, Hibernicus Exul Partners DAC and HK&P Ireland Investment Management Services Ltd.

Joseph and Darragh previously worked together at Crossroads Capital Management. As the executive team of this startup Irish AIFM, they jointly submitted successful AIFM application to Central Bank of Ireland and covered all six managerial functions for a regulated AIFM.


Ireland’s financial services sector is a vibrant sector with a multitude of internationally focused financial services firms utilizing various forms of EUR passports. This represents a unique opportunity for an internationally focused firm like HK&P Ireland.

Ireland’s fund management model is complex and, in some ways, inefficient, automation should lead to more efficient operational controls. While the industry awaits full automation of the majority of the routine fund services, there are still many ‘routine’ services that are causing headaches or should still be replaced by an automated solution, which should be integrated in an existing situation, causing other headaches.

As we are now fully operational, we are looking forward to meeting you! We are very keen to listen to your stories and the questions and issues you may have on a day-to-day basis. With our vast experience and our proven skills and competences, we are certain we can assist you; we would love to tell you about our quality delivery and introduce you to our quality people.

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