The critical success factors for the high-quality level of our deliveries are:

  • our in-dept knowledge of the industry which we love to share with our clients,
  • the combination of knowledge and skills of our partners and employees and
  • the clear and open way of communicating both with our client’s employees and with senior management.

All of this with a clear eye for risks, process improvements and the balance within the organization. What is important to our clients is also important to us: in the end it is the quality of the people that makes the difference towards a successful, quality delivery.

A few examples of our quality delivery:

System Implementation:
For an international client we implemented SimCorp Dimension in combination with a Blackrock Alladin front end. This project, which was run by us from The Netherlands in a follow-the-sun set-up including offices in Asia and the US, was delivered within the requested – very sharp – timeframes and resulted in a succesful launch of a new fund range. The delivery also included set-up and startup of a new Middle Office department.

Full-Service Model selection and implementation:
For an international client we have implemented a fully new set-up for their SICAV fund range. This project consisted of multiple phases in which we worked together with the client on an RFP process for a full-service model and in which we designed and delivered all required changes covering the full scope of this product range.
In the delivery of this successful program, in which our people held crucial positions, a total of 19 countries were involved.

Back Office/Accounting implementation:
For an international client we implemented a fully new Back Office and a new Accounting & Reporting environment. We also designed and delivered organisational changes in co-operation with the client.
Due to the large number of asset types the client manages and the international character of the client this was a very large project in which our people held crucial and managing positions.


Ireland’s financial services sector is a vibrant sector with a multitude of internationally focused financial services firms utilizing various forms of EUR passports. This represents a unique opportunity for an internationally focused firm like HK&P Ireland.

Ireland’s fund management model is complex and, in some ways, inefficient, automation should lead to more efficient operational controls. While the industry awaits full automation of the majority of the routine fund services, there are still many ‘routine’ services that are causing headaches or should still be replaced by an automated solution, which should be integrated in an existing situation, causing other headaches.

As we are now fully operational, we are looking forward to meeting you! We are very keen to listen to your stories and the questions and issues you may have on a day-to-day basis. With our vast experience and our proven skills and competences, we are certain we can assist you; we would love to tell you about our quality delivery and introduce you to our quality people.

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