Our Investment Management
Services in general consist of
3 specific areas of expertise.

Apart from below mentioned HK&P group services, which are offered by all country offices, HK&P Ireland is also offering:

Compliance & Risk Services

We at HK&P Ireland Investment Management Services take an innovative approach to your governance, risk and compliance activities. All of our Risk & Compliance experts have over 15 years experience and can help you stay a step ahead of the uncertainty.

Our quality consultants use their excellent industry knowledge and experience for:

  • Conducting compliance and risk assessments
  • Assessing current state regulatory reporting
  • Implementing new reporting processes
  • Anti-Money Laundering Consulting

Call us and find out which Compliance & Risk associates are available!

Below as mentioned the HK&P Group services we are also offering:

1   Industry Consulting Services

Our quality consultants use their excellent industry knowledge and experience and their available network to deliver quality solutions to our clients in several areas:
– Strategy and Advisory Services
– Evaluation and Selection Services
– Enterprise IT and Operating Model Services
– Operations and Outsourcing Services

2  Data Strategy and Implementation Services

The lifeline of every functional solution is proper data, whether it is data being set-up, coming in, being stored or going out. Our Data Specialists can work with the client to ensure data quality and quality data

3   Implementation, Migration and Execution Services

Quality delivery is what we do, we have the best business analysts and implementation specialists to implement solutions for every problem, we can prepare, assist and execute any migration and have all specialists in-house to deliver any change for any client in the world.

On top of these generic services, each country may add their specific specialties, tailored for that particular local market based on local needs and executed by our local specialists. As mentioned above, for HK&P Ireland this is the Compliance & Risk Services offering.


Ireland’s financial services sector is a vibrant sector with a multitude of internationally focused financial services firms utilizing various forms of EUR passports. This represents a unique opportunity for an internationally focused firm like HK&P Ireland.

Ireland’s fund management model is complex and, in some ways, inefficient, automation should lead to more efficient operational controls. While the industry awaits full automation of the majority of the routine fund services, there are still many ‘routine’ services that are causing headaches or should still be replaced by an automated solution, which should be integrated in an existing situation, causing other headaches.

As we are now fully operational, we are looking forward to meeting you! We are very keen to listen to your stories and the questions and issues you may have on a day-to-day basis. With our vast experience and our proven skills and competences, we are certain we can assist you; we would love to tell you about our quality delivery and introduce you to our quality people.

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